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Natural Beauty


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Everything about healing and conscious living.  Focuses on the human energy system with self-paced video lessons, real-life healing podcast, and articles on how to heal from the inside and out.  

“Our life is shaped by our beliefs, for we become what we believe.”

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Real Life Healing 


Real-life healing stories, meditations, and engaging energy coaching sessions on how to heal.

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The Healing Channel

Focuses on the human energy system with self-paced video lessons on healing from the inside out.  

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Healing Articles

Everything about healing and conscious living.

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By Kathleen Riley McCarthy

An inspiring memoir of healing and purpose.

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Healing Produsts

Intention Candles, Balancing Mist, and Intention Journals.


Herbal Healing Recipes

Focuses on the human energy system with self-paced videos on herbal healing remedies.

Our teens and our family have benefited greatly with Kathleen in numerous ways — Her approach has helped my son & daughter each tackle anxiety and other personal issues in ways that made sense for both of their very different personalities and beliefs. Having previously explored numerous solutions, Kathleen is the one that was able to help them work through their challenges, gain understanding and leave with the tools to move forward on their own.  

Jason U. MI