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Welcome Gorgeous Souls!

My mission is to bring awareness of health through healing and spiritual consciousness.  

It wasn’t until I wrote my memoir, “What You Feel is Real,” when I became aware of etheric toxins releasing from my body.  Upon completion of this memoir, the deep pain in my heart subsided and I no longer suffered from bouts of depression, fear, and abandonment.
From this point on, I was aware that there had to be more advanced methods for healing at a deeper level. 

It is for this very reason, I share my work in the field of spiritual consciousness with instruction videos and the use of real-life healing scenarios on how to heal.  
Eternal Gratitude & Joy,
Kathleen Riley McCarthy
Holistic Healing Practitioner
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Explore Your Sacredness 

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The Healing Channel

Everything about healing and conscious living.  Focuses on the human energy systems with self-paced video lessons on how to heal yourself from the inside-out.    

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Plan Includes:

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"I'm here to help support your journey and stay connected." 

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Spiritual Practitioner's Point-of-View

From a spiritual practitioner’s point-of-view, you're receiving practical, hands-on, proven practitioner-client relationship methods for clearing attachments, limiting beliefs, and raising levels of consciousness for health and wellbeing.

Monthly Replenished Content

Replenished content each month to stay fresh with healing stories, tools, and techniques at your finger tips. 

Easy Accessibility

Easy accessible products and services anywhere, anytime, whether you’re a member or not. Some products are free and others come at a very low, affordable, subscription rate at anytime on your desktop, mobile phone, or as an application through Spaces by 

Flexible Programs
Flexibility to opt-in or opt-out at anytime.


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