Leaning Into Resistance

Updated: Aug 14

Until you accept the very thing you are resisting, everything remains unchanged, out of sorts or in chaos. When you surrender to the process and move past your fears, there is sweetness on the other side. You may say to yourself, “If I give in to this situation, I am going to be miserable. I fear it’s going to make my life worse than what I am already experiencing.” For example, when I had the inner prompting to start a new business. I said, “No way” because I had recently let go of a failing business and had just come off a two-year family crisis. I was financially and emotionally drained. There was “no way” I was going to start something new—but eventually I had no choice. I had to give in to what was persisting inside of me. After three days of creating my new business, I was surprised to see it was my heart’s desire. It was everything I ever wanted—yet why was there resistance? I asked of God, “Please, I cannot lead this. You have to show me the way. Otherwise, I will fail.” God has kept His/Her promise, and it has been amazing to witness my business grow

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